Joe Tacopina Assists in Dismissal of Assault and Drug Charges

One of the most prominent lawyers in New York, Joseph Tacopina often represents celebrity clients in a variety of civil and criminal cases. Last year, Joe Tacopina handled a matter involving a New York Jets linebacker who had been arrested on charges of assaulting his wife and possessing both controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. In an effort to get the charges dismissed, the athlete entered into a pre-trial probation program.

Joe Tacopina negotiated a 24-month pretrial intervention program for the linebacker. Upon successful completion of the program, all charges would be dismissed and the record would be sealed. The deal also included 100 hours of community service and the prospect of counseling.

The linebacker involved was the Jets’ longest-tenured player. He was released from the team around the time of the incident, but re-signed two days later and finished out the season. This marked his 11th season playing with the Jets.

Joe Tacopina has earned a reputation for employing innovation and ingenuity in the representation of his clients, whether they are celebrities or not. Individuals can learn more about him and his firm at


Joe Tacopina Defends Woman in Gruesome New Jersey Murder Case

Throughout his career, Joseph Tacopina has handled a number of major criminal and civil cases that have made headlines across the country. A distinguished New York lawyer, Joe Tacopina also offers representation in other areas of the country. In 2007, he defended a woman accused of murdering and dismembering her husband. Pieces of his body were placed in three suitcases and deposited into the Chesapeake Bay. After conducting an investigation, the prosecution pointed a finger at the man’s wife, who was having an affair with another man.

Joe Tacopina and his team poked holes in virtually every part of the prosecution’s case. In addition to questioning the prosecution’s failure to consider the man with whom she was having an affair as a suspect – who also bought a hacksaw before the murder – the defense raised several other questions. Allegations of drugging were countered with the fact that the autopsy found no drugs in the man’s system. The defense also pointed out that the authorship of letters claiming the defendant was being framed could not be proven, despite the prosecution’s argument that she wrote the documents to get the police off of her trail.

Joe Tacopina Represents Family of Murdered Yale Student

A celebrated New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina has provided representation in a number of high-profile cases. Over the course of his career, Joe Tacopina has represented several prominent figures in a variety of different civil and criminal cases. One of his most notable cases in recent years involved the murder of a young graduate student at Yale University. At the age of 24, the female student had moved from California to Connecticut to study pharmacy at the university. Five days before her wedding, she disappeared after entering a medical school laboratory building. She was found strangled to death on what would have been her wedding day strangled to death and stuffed into a wall in the building’s basement.

An animal technician at the building later pleaded guilty to the murder and attempted sexual assault. He received a 44-year prison sentence for the crime. Joe Tacopina represented the family after the judgment in their wrongful death suit. The woman’s family wished to ensure that her death was not in vain. They filed the wrongful death suit to force Yale to investigate its security and look for any lapses that could possibly save lives in the future.

Joe Tacopina Secures Major Judgment for Injured Doctor

A leading New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina provides representation in a wide range of civil and criminal matters. Over the course of his career, Joe Tacopina has represented a number of celebrities and secured judgments in major landmark cases. Four years ago, he was involved in a prominent civil case that involved the chief cardiologist of Hackensack University Medical Center, who was walking his dog when a speeding car hit him and fled the scene. The incident left him with two broken legs, several broken ribs, a broken back, and a broken pelvis.

The driver, an intoxicated 20-year-old male, was later arrested and charged with assault with an auto and leaving the scene of an accident. He received a two-month jail sentence and five years’ probation, as well as 180 hours of community service.

Joe Tacopina represented the doctor in his suit against the Excelsior Apartments, luxury high-rise towers that are located in Hackensack. The suit claimed that Excelsior Apartments was liable for the injuries because the underage man attended a party in the building where he was permitted to drink. Joe Tacopina and his team secured a multimillion-dollar judgment against Excelsior Apartments, and a jury found the complex liable for the accident.

Joe Tacopina Files Racial Discrimination Suit Against School

Famed New York lawyer Joseph Tacopina has represented clients in a number of significant cases, including both civil and criminal matters. One of his most notable civil cases involved a young girl of Indian descent in Brooklyn who wanted to enroll at the elite Mark Twain School on Coney Island. Although she outperformed other Caucasian students who were admitted, she was barred due to racial quotas imposed at the school.

Joe Tacopina agreed to represent the girl and her family on the heels of a Supreme Court decisions that declared that race may not be used to determine which public schools a child can attend. At the time of the ruling, the response from Mark Twain School seemed unclear even if the Supreme Court effectively called quotas unconstitutional. Only one other school in New York has used such a quota system.

As the family’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina stated that he would pursue legal action if the school continued to refuse the girl entry. Others have criticized the school’s quota system on grounds beyond the Supreme Court ruling, stating that requiring 60 percent of the population to be white fails to represent changing demographics in New York, where a majority of the students are either of African American or Latin descent.

Joe Tacopina Represents Houdini’s Family in Exhumation Pursuit

Harry Houdini died at age 52 on Halloween in 1926. Shortly after his death, rumors alleging that he was murdered became increasingly popular. In 2007, 81 years after his death, Houdini’s great-nephew wanted to exhume the body to discover once and for all whether he had been poisoned. Houdini angered some rival magicians when he debunked their claims of making contact with the dead, which may have led to his death at their hands. By exhuming the body, expert forensic investigators would be able to perform new tests on Houdini to determine whether there was any truth to the murder allegations.

Joseph Tacopina, a leading New York lawyer, provided assistance to the family in overcoming any legal hurdles that the exhumation might have. Under Joe Tacopina’s leadership, the family could finally obtain justice for the famed magician.

The exhumation plan received support from the great-granddaughter of the “medium” whose husband has become a prime suspect due to his leadership in the Spiritualist movement, which Houdini had debunked. She felt that any cause for suspicion warranted a fair examination.

Joe Tacopina Represents Journalist in Discrimination Claim

A celebrated New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina has represented a number of famous individuals and handled high-profile criminal and civil law cases. Joe Tacopina offered his services to an award-winning reporter who formerly worked for NY1. She claimed that a male anchor had sexually assaulted her after driving her home from a party. In addition, a doctored photograph of her was circulated around the newsroom and hung on the walls. When she complained about the photo, she was removed from the anchor desk. Three weeks after reporting the assault, NY1 terminated her employment.

In 2002, the reporter filed a lawsuit, which included other details about harassment in the workplace. Joe Tacopina is representing her in claims of discrimination and wrongful termination. She began working for NY1 in 1992 and quickly climbed the ranks due to her aggressive nature and ability to secure great detail about stories. She was lauded in company memos. Despite this, NY1 fired her because her work was not up to their expectations and the dismissal made finding other work very difficult for her.