New York Lawyer Tacopina reopens Chico Forti’s case

Joseph Tacopina, New York lawyer and President of the Bologna Football Club,  has taken charge of the defense of Chico Forti.

Both the original Italian article and the English translation are listed below regarding the reopening of the Chico Forti case.

CORRIERE BOLOGNA Articolo Tacopina Corriere Bologna



Joe Tacopina Successfully Defends Client Charged in Boating Accident

Anthony DiGilio pic In April 2013, leading New York defense attorney Joe Tacopina concluded his representation of Anthony DiGilio, a Brick Township, New Jersey, construction worker accused of vehicular homicide for his role in a boating accident. On August 3, 2008, DiGilio struck a 17-foot Boston Whaler while operating his own vessel, a 27-foot Imperial speedboat, on the Metedeconk River. The collision resulted in the death of passenger Robert Post. Two others were injured. Although DiGilio did not stop after the impact, he attributed this to his belief that he had not struck another boat, but rather a buoy or log.

Prosecutors argued that DiGilio’s disregard for boating safety led to the incident. They claimed that he had been speeding and had neglected to turn on his bow light despite being on the water on a moonless night. However, they ultimately lacked sufficient evidence to prove that he had behaved recklessly. The prosecution relied on estimates to determine DiGilio’s speed, the validity of which were called into question by the defense’s own witnesses. Additionally, the claim that the defendant’s bow light was not on contradicted the testimony of a witness for the defense, who identified the Imperial and its illuminated light in a surveillance video from the night of the accident.

After a three-week trial, the jury deliberated for just two hours to find DiGilio not guilty, acquitting him of criminal responsibility in a case that carried a maximum sentence of 10 years.

A.J. Discala Free of Electronic Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

AJ Discala pic Lawyer Joe Tacopina recently convinced a judge that his client Abraxas “A.J.” Discala, a former actor known for his three-year marriage to actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, was not a flight risk and did not need to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. Tacopina argued that the prosecution had overstated its case against Discala, who has been accused of overseeing a “pump-and-dump” penny stock scheme. Prosecutors have said that Discala conned investors out of more than $300 million. The 43-year-old is now out on a $2 million bail.

Prosecutors have admitted that they inflated Discala’s net worth. After stating that he had a $7 million trust, they corrected the statement to say that Discala had $7 million and a trust. Tacopina told the presiding judge that most of Discala’s net worth is inaccessible because it is tied up in businesses or has been seized by the government. Realistically, he has access to about $29,000, Tacopina said.

Skater Oksana Baiul Must Pay Legal Fees in Suit against NBC

Skater Oksana Baiul pic Figure skater Oksana Baiul has been ordered to pay NBC’s legal fees after a judge determined that her lawsuits against NBCUniversal Media, LLC, NBC Sports Network, and skating promoter Stephen Disson included “wild claims” that Baiul was owed millions of dollars in compensation for a damaged reputation. The judge ruled that Baiul must pay at least $35,000 in compensation.

The lawsuit stemmed from Baiul’s allegations that her image was used in promotional material for two televised skating specials that she had not agreed to appear in. She maintained that this created the false impression that she was a “no show” and marred her reputation with fans. In an interview with the New York Post, Disson’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, stated that Baiul likely was looking for attention when she filed the lawsuit. Baiul won a gold medal in the 1994 Olympics.

Manhattan Federal Judge Katherine Forrest threw out Baiul’s lawsuit, stating in a 38-page opinion that Baiul had presented no credible evidence that she had suffered or would suffer any damages in connection with the defendants’ alleged conduct. Disson said that Baiul’s agent approached him about his client appearing in the shows, but Baiul backed out three weeks later.

Joe Tacopina Represents the Parents of Missing Infant in Missouri

A celebrated New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina handles both civil and criminal cases. Due to his reputation for excellence in New York, individuals around the country seek out Joe Tacopina’s assistance. As a result, he has provided representation in countless high-profile cases, including one that involved the disappearance of an 11-month-old child from her parents’ home in Missouri. Joe Tacopina represented the parents of the missing child over the course of the investigation into the disappearance. Due to the lack of leads, the mother of the infant feared that she would become the primary suspect.

When he took on the case, Joe Tacopina stated that he did not anticipate either parent being arrested for the disappearance, but he prepared a strong defense should the unlikely happen. He advised both parents to forego any conversations with the media about the case. Prior to his participation in the case, the mother admitted to drinking on the night of the disappearance on NBC’s Today show and on Fox News. In addition, her facts were not consistent between media interviews.

Joe Tacopina Secures Acquittal of Rape Charges Against NYPD

A leading lawyer in New York, Joseph Tacopina handles a number of high-profile cases each year. Many individuals seek out Joe Tacopina for his skill and ingenuity in the courtroom. One of his most notable recent cases involved an officer with the New York Police Department officer who was accused of raping and burglarizing an intoxicated woman. After a two-month trial that received a great amount of media attention, the jury rendered what newspapers have called one of the most shocking verdicts in New York history. The officer was acquitted of the charges, largely due to a strong case built by Joe Tacopina and his team.

In order to earn the acquittal, Joe Tacopina argued that no DNA evidence from the accused officer was found in the woman’s apartment, despite allegations of rape, and the fact that the woman openly admitted that her memories were hazy due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The accused never swayed from his conviction that he kept his clothes on during the encounter and did not rape the woman. The defense also pointed to videotape of the woman walking into her apartment without assistance, which draws into question her level of incapacitation.

Joe Tacopina’s Clients Cleared of Wrongdoing in Nightclub Incident

A distinguished civil and criminal defense attorney in New York, Joseph Tacopina has handled a wide range of high-profile cases. Earlier this year, Joe Tacopina represented two former South Carolina football players after a brawl at the Greenhouse nightclub in New York City. The players were in New York for a magazine shoot with ESPN when they decided to go to the nightclub. While there, they requested that two men in the club stop smoking marijuana. The smokers had invaded the private space of the two football players and were allegedly engaging in other unacceptable behavior.

After Joe Tacopina’s clients requested that the men stop, they became aggressive and one ended up assaulting the players. In the scuffle, one of the football players was stabbed. The man who stabbed the player was arrested. After the incidents, Joe Tacopina’s clients cooperated with police and gave statements that later led to the decision that they engaged in no wrongdoing. Both men are continuing to pursue their successful careers as NFL players.