Joe Tacopina Represents the Parents of Missing Infant in Missouri

A celebrated New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina handles both civil and criminal cases. Due to his reputation for excellence in New York, individuals around the country seek out Joe Tacopina’s assistance. As a result, he has provided representation in countless high-profile cases, including one that involved the disappearance of an 11-month-old child from her parents’ home in Missouri. Joe Tacopina represented the parents of the missing child over the course of the investigation into the disappearance. Due to the lack of leads, the mother of the infant feared that she would become the primary suspect.

When he took on the case, Joe Tacopina stated that he did not anticipate either parent being arrested for the disappearance, but he prepared a strong defense should the unlikely happen. He advised both parents to forego any conversations with the media about the case. Prior to his participation in the case, the mother admitted to drinking on the night of the disappearance on NBC’s Today show and on Fox News. In addition, her facts were not consistent between media interviews.


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