Joe Tacopina Secures Acquittal of Rape Charges Against NYPD

A leading lawyer in New York, Joseph Tacopina handles a number of high-profile cases each year. Many individuals seek out Joe Tacopina for his skill and ingenuity in the courtroom. One of his most notable recent cases involved an officer with the New York Police Department officer who was accused of raping and burglarizing an intoxicated woman. After a two-month trial that received a great amount of media attention, the jury rendered what newspapers have called one of the most shocking verdicts in New York history. The officer was acquitted of the charges, largely due to a strong case built by Joe Tacopina and his team.

In order to earn the acquittal, Joe Tacopina argued that no DNA evidence from the accused officer was found in the woman’s apartment, despite allegations of rape, and the fact that the woman openly admitted that her memories were hazy due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The accused never swayed from his conviction that he kept his clothes on during the encounter and did not rape the woman. The defense also pointed to videotape of the woman walking into her apartment without assistance, which draws into question her level of incapacitation.


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