Joe Tacopina’s Clients Cleared of Wrongdoing in Nightclub Incident

A distinguished civil and criminal defense attorney in New York, Joseph Tacopina has handled a wide range of high-profile cases. Earlier this year, Joe Tacopina represented two former South Carolina football players after a brawl at the Greenhouse nightclub in New York City. The players were in New York for a magazine shoot with ESPN when they decided to go to the nightclub. While there, they requested that two men in the club stop smoking marijuana. The smokers had invaded the private space of the two football players and were allegedly engaging in other unacceptable behavior.

After Joe Tacopina’s clients requested that the men stop, they became aggressive and one ended up assaulting the players. In the scuffle, one of the football players was stabbed. The man who stabbed the player was arrested. After the incidents, Joe Tacopina’s clients cooperated with police and gave statements that later led to the decision that they engaged in no wrongdoing. Both men are continuing to pursue their successful careers as NFL players.


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