Joe Tacopina Defends Woman in Gruesome New Jersey Murder Case

Throughout his career, Joseph Tacopina has handled a number of major criminal and civil cases that have made headlines across the country. A distinguished New York lawyer, Joe Tacopina also offers representation in other areas of the country. In 2007, he defended a woman accused of murdering and dismembering her husband. Pieces of his body were placed in three suitcases and deposited into the Chesapeake Bay. After conducting an investigation, the prosecution pointed a finger at the man’s wife, who was having an affair with another man.

Joe Tacopina and his team poked holes in virtually every part of the prosecution’s case. In addition to questioning the prosecution’s failure to consider the man with whom she was having an affair as a suspect – who also bought a hacksaw before the murder – the defense raised several other questions. Allegations of drugging were countered with the fact that the autopsy found no drugs in the man’s system. The defense also pointed out that the authorship of letters claiming the defendant was being framed could not be proven, despite the prosecution’s argument that she wrote the documents to get the police off of her trail.


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