Joe Tacopina Represents Family of Murdered Yale Student

A celebrated New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina has provided representation in a number of high-profile cases. Over the course of his career, Joe Tacopina has represented several prominent figures in a variety of different civil and criminal cases. One of his most notable cases in recent years involved the murder of a young graduate student at Yale University. At the age of 24, the female student had moved from California to Connecticut to study pharmacy at the university. Five days before her wedding, she disappeared after entering a medical school laboratory building. She was found strangled to death on what would have been her wedding day strangled to death and stuffed into a wall in the building’s basement.

An animal technician at the building later pleaded guilty to the murder and attempted sexual assault. He received a 44-year prison sentence for the crime. Joe Tacopina represented the family after the judgment in their wrongful death suit. The woman’s family wished to ensure that her death was not in vain. They filed the wrongful death suit to force Yale to investigate its security and look for any lapses that could possibly save lives in the future.


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