Joe Tacopina Represents Journalist in Discrimination Claim

A celebrated New York lawyer, Joseph Tacopina has represented a number of famous individuals and handled high-profile criminal and civil law cases. Joe Tacopina offered his services to an award-winning reporter who formerly worked for NY1. She claimed that a male anchor had sexually assaulted her after driving her home from a party. In addition, a doctored photograph of her was circulated around the newsroom and hung on the walls. When she complained about the photo, she was removed from the anchor desk. Three weeks after reporting the assault, NY1 terminated her employment.

In 2002, the reporter filed a lawsuit, which included other details about harassment in the workplace. Joe Tacopina is representing her in claims of discrimination and wrongful termination. She began working for NY1 in 1992 and quickly climbed the ranks due to her aggressive nature and ability to secure great detail about stories. She was lauded in company memos. Despite this, NY1 fired her because her work was not up to their expectations and the dismissal made finding other work very difficult for her.


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