Joe Tacopina: Criminal Defense Services at Tacopina Seigel & Turano

For two decades, Joe Tacopina has provided a range of legal services to the New York community through his firm, Tacopina Seigel & Turano, PC (TST). The lawyers at TST focus primarily on civil and securities litigation and criminal law defense. As Joe Tacopina explains to potential clients, the firm capitalizes on the experience of each team member to provide the best possible representation.

Immediately after taking on a client, the firm’s legal team begins its investigative phase, which involves close analysis of forensic testimony, police reports, and other pieces of evidence to identify the major weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. TST lawyers collaborate closely with clients to uncover all details related to the case. The firm understands the importance of a thorough investigation for uncovering evidence that creates a reasonable doubt about the client’s guilt.

TST remains by the client’s side through all steps of the proceedings, from pretrial motions to closing arguments. The firm’s experts represent the client in front of authorities and carefully scrutinize any information released to the media to ensure that the message creates the desired effect and fits clearly into the overall strategy adopted for the case.